Introducing the E-Z PullerTM


Makes your job easier!

The E-Z Puller is a revolutionary manhole removal tool that makes the job of every electrician and city employee a whole lot easier when needing to access an underground utility vault or storm grate.



Safety First!

We are happy to say that the E-Z Puller helps to eliminate many injuries incurred when attempting to remove a manhole cover or storm drain. Many people attempt to use a crow bar, hammer, screw driver, etc. to remove a manhole cover or storm drain only resulting in broken fingers, cuts, and back injuries.



No Tools Required

The E-Z Puller was designed to be quickly assembled without the use of any tools. That’s right, no tools! The E-Z Puller assembles in less than 5 minutes and can be disassembled just as quickly to stow away in your gang box or behind the seat of your truck!

See the E-Z PullerTM in Action

E-Z PullerTM Features

One-Person Handle

Your E-Z Puller comes standard with a one-person handle

Every E-Z Puller comes from the factory with a one-person handle. The one-person handle will allow one-person to lift up to a medium sized manhole or storm grate. We offer a two-person handle for larger manholes and storm grates that require the lifting power of two people. Click Here to see our accessories.


1000lb+ Tested Tires

Every E-Z Puller is equipped with care-free foam tire and steel wheel

The tires that come pre-installed on every E-Z Puller are rated at 400lb. The maximum short-duration loading that will be experienced by the tires while lifting a 650 lb. manhole cover was calculated to be 400 lb. per tire. During our compressive testing, each tire was loaded to 1000 lb. None of the tires displayed any signs of visual damage such as permanent tire deformation, hub deformation, or bearing damage.


2500lb+ Rated Strap

The lifting strap was tested in the lab to withstand up to 2500lb of lift.

The strap that the E-Z Puller uses to lift the manhole or storm gate is extremely strong and is capable of withstanding up to 2500lb of lifting pressure. We want you to have the piece of mind that your E-Z Puller has been thoroughly tested to withstand the touch jobs you will be putting it through.


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